Until now aerial photography has generally been associated with high prices, loads of restrictions and
unreasonable turn around times. With our vast selection of equipment we can offer more specific
angles and heights and also do shoots at very short notice. Our gyro stabilized camera equipment and
latest technology unmanned platforms have been designed specifically for doing aerial photography that
produce images of outstanding quality. We have cameras fitted to telescopic masts, helium blimps, radio
controlled airplanes, radio control helicopters and we also use conventional helicopters.
We are the leaders of elevated and aerial photography in the KZN area.

Our photos are used for:
Inspections, progress reports, advertising, insurance claims, marketing, planning, selling land &
property and more. We also offer large framed pictures for business boardroom, foyer or reception areas.



Low & high altitude Aerial photography
Elevated night photography
Virtual tours
Image Editing before and after

Images cut on Cd
A4 - A0 Framed Images
Event banners and Large prints